An Election Day Parable

The night before was pretty electric. They had heard about the election, and they knew both candidates. So all evening they poured over the merits of the cases made by each man. They knew this decision was important, and much hung on each person contributing his or her voice.

There would be no excuse for silence. This was to be the election to change the world. Each one, then, had to exercise their right and privilege lest they squandered their voice and their power.

As the sun rose in the morning, the get out of the vote teams were knocking on doors. The crowd was huge at the polling place, standing room only and what seemed an unending wait. A few folks worked the crowd, asking; who are you voting for today? What issues are most important for your decision? And soon voices began predicting the winner right there. Still other milled through the crowd, not so subtly campaigning for their guy. It was a pleasant distraction in the pressing crowd.

At last the doors opened and the crowd began to exercise its right. Two candidates, one choice. Who would it be…

And the crowd spoke with one voice, “Give us Barabbas.” And Pilate asked what he was to do with this Jesus, King of the Jews. And they spoke again with one voice: “Crucify him!”

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